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Sound of Soul will have the crowd at Le Balcon up and dancing to the infectious sounds of soul, funk, Motown and R&B. This entry in this musical series will feature the fantastic Veeby.

Vanessa Kanga, a.k.a. Veeby, loves to combine influences to create her own very personal musical textures. She has been immersed in American soul and R&B since childhood and draws inspiration from James Brown, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin and more. As a teen, she took an interest in the music of her birthplace, Cameroon – artists like Manu Dibango, Henri Dikongué and Sally Nyolo – and developed a passion for contemporary hip-hop and R&B, especially Whitney Houston, whose songs she’s listened to “thousands of times.” Veeby’s rich, powerful and evocative voice carries her irresistibly groovy hybrid sound. Don’t miss this chance to experience a memorable evening with an incomparable soul diva.