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Montrealer of Haitian descent Nadia Theobal leads her own quintet in her first project as a solo artist, Misunderstood: A Nina Simone Celebration.

After performing with Daniel Bélanger, Boom Desjardins, Gage, Corneille and, more recently, Ranee Lee, and travelling to Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, the United Arab Emirates, and the Indian Ocean with different musical groups, Nadia is now embarking on a brand new solo project. Having developed a passion for music at a very young age, her new work combines her unwavering love of gospel and her keen interest in soul and jazz to render a compelling, heartfelt tribute to the legendary pianist, singer, and composer Nina Simone.

Influenced by folk, classical, rock, and world music, Nadia’s smooth, deep, and expressive voice breathes new life and beauty into the songs of Nina Simone, the great jazz vocalist and civil rights activist. Come and join us for an evening of powerful emotion honouring the “Little Girl Blue”.