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Legends of Salsa: Tribute to Joe Arroyo and Angel Canales

As part of the Legends of Salsa series, Le Balcon and Lengaïa Orchestra are pleased to present an extraordinary evening devoted to two of salsa brava’s greatest artists.

Colombian salsa icon Joe Arroyo (1955-2011) was instrumental in bringing his country’s genre of salsa to the international stage. He was the lead singer for the legendary band Fruko y sus Tesos, and rose to fame with hits such as “La Rebelión,” “La Noche,” “En Barranquilla Me Quedo” and “Tania,” now considered salsa classics.

Meanwhile, Angel “El Diferente” Canales is a true maverick of salsa dura. A native of Puerto Rico who grew up in New York City, he forged his own style of salsa by self-producing and self-financing his music, which allowed him full freedom to develop his remarkable creative vision. Canales’ work is a powerful combination of bomba, salsa dura and jazz, with bold horns and resonant baritone saxophone. Come and discover this unique and brilliant artist!